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Control Panels, I/O modules and servomotors in stainless steel design

For applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in packaging technology, Beckhoff offers an integral stainless steel control solution in a “Hygienic Design” that meets the strict requirements of hygiene and cleanroom regulations.

The Control Panel series in a high-quality stainless steel design is suitable for use as display and operating device under IP 65 conditions. It is characterised by its gap-free housing design with flush-fitting touch panel. more


Stainless steel multi-touch panels

Stainless steel multi-touch panels: In addition to the capacitive multi-touch screen, the Control Panels in 15.6- or 18.5-inch with IP 65 protection offer an additional emergency stop and three short-stroke keys with LED ring lighting for comfortable operation.

Stainless steel front for built-in multi-touch panels

Stainless steel front for built-in multi-touch panels: A stainless steel front can be ordered ex factory for the built-in Panel PCs from the CP22xx, CP26xx and CP27xx series as well as for the CP29xx built-in Control Panels.

Stainless steel panels with mounting arm

Stainless steel panels with mounting arm: The stainless steel Control Panels are available as 12-, 15- or 19-inch touch panels.

Built-in stainless panels

Built-in stainless panels: The built-in panels of the CP62xx, CP66xx and CP69xx series are optionally available with stainless steel front and flush-mounted touch screen.

Stainless steel EtherCAT Box

Stainless steel EtherCAT Box: The stainless steel modules cover the typical range of requirements for the IP 69K I/O signals.

Stainless steel servomotors

Stainless steel servomotors: The AM8800 combines power and feedback system in the standard motor cable.

Stainless steel planetary gear units

Stainless steel planetary gear units: The planetary gears of the AG2800 series supplement the AM8800 servomotors to form a complete drive axis in Hygienic Design.

Stainless steel linear actuator

Stainless steel linear actuator: With a protection rating of IP 69K the linear actuator is ideally equipped to withstand adverse and aggressive environmental conditions.

XTS Hygienic

XTS Hygienic: The fully encapsulated stainless steel version in IP 69K is designed to meet the special hygienic requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries as all surfaces are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

EtherCAT cables with connectors in stainless steel design

EtherCAT cables with connectors in stainless steel design: Due to the high protection class IP 69K these cables withstand use in extremely demanding harsh and corrosive industrial environments.