Leistungsstark, transparent und sicher

Energy management with the Beckhoff system enables the precise observation and evaluation of each section of an energy/power supply with efficient and reliable components. The three product groups power supplies, fuse terminal blocks/energy monitoring terminals and current transformers fan out into different performance classes without compromising on efficiency, transparency and system integration. The components are separately usable and unfold their full capability in systematic use through their harmonic coordination:

In the familiar Beckhoff quality, the power supplies combine high efficiency with high reliability and a long service life. The core functions of the overcurrent protection terminals – the protection of circuits against overcurrent as well as the additional monitoring function – are directly integrated in the terminal segment. The differential current measurement of the power measurement terminals detects insulation faults and thus increases safety in the system. With the TwinCAT automation software, the system parameters can be evaluated from the operating data of the terminals and parameters can be derived for predictive maintenance.

Energy management with a system

The Beckhoff portfolio for power supplies and energy monitoring includes high-quality, technologically mature products that ensure that the plant is available to a high degree and operates safely.

Power supplies PS1000, PS2000, PS3000

  • powerful: up to 960 W/1,440 W with high Efficiency
  • transparent: DC-OK LED and relay contact inform visually of the 24/48 V DC Status
  • safe: reliable operation and long service life

Overcurrent protection EL9221, EL9222, EL9227

  • powerful: protection combined with monitoring in a single device
  • transparent: predictive maintenance for increased availability
  • safe: protection of the 24 V DC and fast switch-off down to the ms range

Energy monitoring EL34xx + SCTxxxx

  • powerful: wide range of measuring terminals, SCT current transformers from 1 to 5,000 A
  • transparent: power measurement on every machine down to the μs range
  • safe: insulation monitoring through permanent differential current measurement (type A)



PSxxxx: single-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units with output currents from 2.5 A to 40 A


EL922x: integrated electronic overcurrent protection to safeguard 24 V DC system components in the highly compact EtherCAT I/O system


EL34xx: a comprehensive range of EtherCAT Terminals for energy management that is highly scalable in price and performance


SCTxxxx: the comprehensive portfolio for implementing power sensors directly in the field