TE5950 | TC3 Drive Manager 2 for AX8000 Multi-axis servo system

TE5950 | TC3 Drive Manager 2

The TC3 Drive Manager 2 is a tool for commissioning the Beckhoff motion products. This tool is continuously developed, so you can download the latest version of the Drive Manager 2 and the device firmware here.

The following products are supported by the Drive Manager 2:
  • AX8000 power supply, axis and capacitor modules
  • AX5000
  • Servo I/Os (EL72xx, EP72xx, EJ72xx)
  • AMI81xx
  • AMP8000

TC3 Drive Manager 2 Setup
The setup program installs the Drive Manager 2, updates the drive ESI files and stores the firmware on your hard disk. The latest Drive Manager will be available once the setup is complete. A firmware update can then be performed if required.
For operation of AX8000 axis modules modules with STO (AX8yxx-01x0-0000) TwinCAT 3.1.4022.2 or higher is necessary. For operation of AX8000 axis modules modules with TwinSAFE (AX8yxx-02x0-0000) TwinCAT 3.1.4022.2 or higher is necessary.

Product Version Description
TC3 Drive Manager 2 Setup

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TC3 Drive Manager 2 Version

Power supply modules:
AX8620-0000, AX8640-0000
Firmware 1.03 build 0008

Axis modules:
without safety: AX8108-0000, AX8118-0000, AX8206-0000
with safety STO / SS1: AX8108-01x0, AX8118-01x0, AX8206-01x0
Firmware 1.02 build 0009
with TwinSAFE: AX8108-02x0, AX8118-02x0, AX8206-02x0
Firmware 1.03 build 0002

Capacitor module:
Firmware 1.00 build 0022

Firmware dual use conform

v 1.22

Bootloader power supply and capacitor modules:
v 2.31

Servo drive:
Firmware for AX5xxx-xxxx-02xx HW2 (Serial number >= 100 000):
v. 2.13 build 07 dual use conform
This firmware already includes the firmware for the encoder option cards. If an encoder card is connected to the drive during the update process, this card gets automatically updated

Firmware for AX570x – encoder option card
v. 2.00 build 0008

Firmware for AX572x – digital encoder option card
v. 3.00 build 0019

Firmware for AX5021 – brake module
v. 1.02 build 0001