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The formats of documentation from Beckhoff

PDF Format   CHM Format   Beckhoff Information System

PDF Format (Acrobat Reader)

The Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe allows documents to be displayed, independently of the software that was used to create them.
In order to display PDF files, you will need the Adobe Reader, which can be obtained from Adobe or may be found on the Beckhoff DVD Products & Solutions.

CHM Format (HTML Help)

The Compiled HTML Format (CHM) from Microsoft has been the standard for Windows help files from Windows 98. The CHM format is based on HTML files, but has the advantage over a collection of HTML files that

  • A navigation tree makes it easy to obtain an overview
  • It is easy to perform full text searches
  • It is possible to collect the information on one topic (multiple pages, images) into one file

Any PC on which Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Version 4.0 or above of the Internet Explorer is installed should be able to display CHM files.

If opened CHM files show a structure tree but no pages, please read our notes about using CHM format.

Beckhoff Information System

The Beckhoff Information System is a constantly growing reference source for Beckhoff products. It contains technical information, manuals, example code, the Beckhoff Knowledge Base and much more.

The setup for the Beckhoff Information System is available on the Beckhoff CD Products & Solutions and for download on our internet pages. Furthermore the online version of the Beckhoff Information System may be found under

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